What is Tradewell?

Tradewell is a backtesting and data visualization platform that helps traders and investors easily test their trading ideas before putting capital at risk. By making backtesting and analytics — along with a vast library of data sets — accessible to everyone, Tradewell is changing the way traders of all stripes make decisions about risk.

Working in Tradewell

Tradewell helps you perform powerful backtesting and strategy analysis, in a fast and accessible way.


No-code tools anyone can access through a web browser make testing trading ideas easy. You can test over 9,000 metrics across 14 data categories — just like you might if you had full run of the quant office at an institutional firm.


Because we know traders don't have time to wait around for analysis, we've designed our tools to process large amounts of historical data quickly.


Tradewell features a range of analytics tools and versatile advanced settings that helps even novice traders perform rigorous analysis with the click of the button.

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